Afterschool Program


Mathematics is an integral part of the Sunshine State Curriculum.We begin with mathematics for children as young as 2 years old. Mathematics allows children to manipulate numbers, progress with solving equations and use higher level thinking strategies. Mathematics expands logical skills and results in broadening the horizons for children to be successful in school. Math is not only understanding numbers but also understating how to manipulate with numbers and use them to solve problems. Young children understand mathematics with the use of visual and physical objects. Teachers give children one-on-one assistance as well as ample opportunity to participate in group mathematics class. Math allows children to process logical information quicker and at a more comprehensive way—allowing for them to be better prepared for the later years of algebra, trigonometry and calculus.


Art is self-expression and a way for children to be creative while showing the coordination between mediums such as paint, acrylic and water-color. Art is a formation of base knowledge that a child can create with the use of their imagination: a picture, a model or a beautiful creation from paper, clay or mold. Children participate in art classes in Sunshine State Academy daily. All students beginning at the age of 1 and go through the elementary grades learning with art and through art-exploring the world around them. Projects are sent home as creative end of the week examples of what children have learned as the topic of the week and parents cherish these works of individualized art for years to come. Private group classes and individualized instruction are also recommended for children who are interested in the art and creative media spaces. Please let us know if you would like a free open class to see the readiness of your child for our stellar art program at Sunshine State Academy.


The English language is the primary factor in the success of children in school. Students must speak, reason and understand in the English language. English must be taught by educators who have English as their first language. Sunshine State Academy allows for students to master the phonics and reading fluency prior to leaving the school and entering into the upper grades. The English language is based on the whole language and phonics approach. Teachers must find creative and innovative methods to bring language come to life; this is done with visual aids, play-based manipulatives and kinesthetic action. Children learn language through seeing it, hearing it and physically acting upon its usage—this way children master the English language as their primary language at Sunshine State Academy.

Language Studies

Learning a second language allows students to expand their language skills and gain a strong level of cognitive skills which will last a life-time. Dual language skills allow children to become more versified in word recognition and have higher test taking advantages over their peers. Studies have shown that children who know a second language do better on SAT exams. So come learn another language with Sunshine State Academy certified teachers in our interactive creative classrooms!


Music is the essence of connecting children to the world of inspiration and creativity. Music allows children to explore sounds, harmony and rhythm. Music takes children to a place of wonder and connects fine motor skills, mathematics and the knowledge of the instrument at hand. The music program in Sunshine State Academy begins from an early age where children participate in group music theory classes. Private forte-piano, violin and bass classes begin when a child can cognitively realize the connection between the kinesthetic movement and the sound that is expanded from the instrument. There are students who start playing as young as age 3 and others who are more ready by age 7. The music director and certified teachers welcome all families for an open trial class to better see the individual talent of each child.


The world of scientific reasoning equates children to reach into the depths of inquiry and wonder. Children have science classes daily in Sunshine State Academy and learn about the natural world, do scientific experiments and manipulate with matter to discover answers to the hidden questions of the scientific world. The science program allows children as young as 2 years old to explore and manipulate, discover and wonder and simply enjoy the process of experimentation. The core standards of the scientific method are based on the premise of questioning the world around us, thus it is the goal of Sunshine State Academy to raise children with higher cognitive levels of inquiry and scientific reasoning—paving the way for future scientists, explorers and doctors!