In the age where the policies of No Child Left Behind lurk in the corners of all educational curriculum, the choices made by families to properly place their children into early childhood programs are complex and very confusing. The importance of education is in no doubt advertised in every aspect of our society. Education is the key to success in the modern world and starting early has now become a mere need rather than a want. However, what are the appropriate practices that are cognitively needed for our youth?

Our learning early childhood center and elementary school offers an approach that is innovative, creative and allows families sense and sight into their children’s education. The educational approach based on the philosophy of Jean Piaget offers children an educational environment that encourages learning at their own pace. The Jean Piaget Creative Curriculum Model is unique in its aspect that children are encouraged to learn by investigating and exploring topics that interest them. The learning environment is designed to accommodate the child’s developmental needs and provides a wide range of stimulating media and materials for children to express their learning, such as phonics, music, movement, drawing, painting, sculpturing, modeling, making, using puppets, photography and more.

Children Ages 1 – 2 Years Old

Activities and lessons are age-appropriate and hands-on for our young toddlers. Teachers through the Creative Curriculum Model promote language acquisition and social and emotional development for our youngest learners. Classes follow a schedule which include language immersion, art, music, fine and gross-motor developmental during the day full of play!

Children Ages 2 – 4 Years Old

Learning is constructed on prior knowledge based on the unique learning styles of each child, as shown by the Vygotsky Methods of Education. Learning through play is vital for this age group and is a crucial part of understanding the development of the individual child. In these classes the curriculum is based on the Creative Model which promotes individualized instruction based on the Early Developmental Sunshine State Standards.

Children Ages 4 – 5 Years Old

The transition into kindergarten includes activities that focus on pre-reading development, phonics, logical-mathematical skills, writing, science exploration and classes in the creative arts. The Sunshine State Academy Creative Curriculum will ensure that your child is ready for his/her first year in kindergarten. Our school supports the VPK (Voluntary Prekindergarten) program. For more details Click Here