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Culturally Diverse Classrooms

By August 27, 2018September 19th, 2018No Comments

Sunshine State Academy Recruitment Strategy to Promote Culturally Diverse Classrooms

Julia Yaremchuk, M.S.

Teacher Recruitment Strategy:

In order to promote a culturally diverse classroom, teachers are the key to a successful environment. To see how a teacher feels about diversity, one must start by questioning the teacher during the interview process:

1 – What is diversity to you?

2- How will you promote diversity in your classroom?

3- Do you think that you can be part of the diverse classroom?

4- How can diversity of each individual student be acknowledged and respected?

5- What literature can be used to promote diversity in the classroom?





Such questions during the interview process will assist the director to fully weigh the strengths and personality traits of the teacher. If the teacher is a good candidate to promote culturally diversity such sign will be seen:

1- A positive attitude towards others/ other cultures.

2- A keen sense of understanding of differences and how to respect individual needs.

3- A good communication style that will promote guidance as opposed to forced discussions about diversity.

4- Classroom dynamic skills that will incorporate designing the room in such a way that many cultures can be respected and shown via pictures/literature/film.

5- Teacher has been in culturally diverse classroom before and has hands-on experience with different groups of children.


Student Recruitment Strategy:

In order to promote a culturally diverse classroom, students must be taught and be enthusiastic about promoting differences as opposed to diminishing them. Culturally diverse classroom can be accomplished via the following tools:

1- Cultural puppets.

2- Books to promote culture.

3- Pictures of varies humans of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

4- Clips and computer media that discus cultural diversity.

5- Projects that highlight cultural holidays and how they are a wonderful celebration for everyone

Parent volunteers who may come and assist during a book reading at circle time prompting cultural diversity in the classroom.

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