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Improving Communications between Preschool and Families

By August 27, 2018September 19th, 2018No Comments

By: Julia Yaremchuk, M.S. Education

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Communication between preschool and the family is vital in the overall student success especially for children in the early childhood classroom. Allowing parents to be part of the learning process shows children how important the school really is in the lives of their family. There are many ways to improve communication between the family and the school, however three ways will be fully discussed and examined: parent letters, volunteer hours and workshops.


In order for parents to understand what is going on in the lives of their children, they must be aware of all the things happening in the early childcare setting. Sending home letters and/or memos weekly or daily may allow parents to better access the scope of work that is being done within the classroom. The letter may address the lessons being learned and the activities done daily. Memos sent home may ask parent to participate by bringing in objects to have a more in-depth study for unit discussions. The communication via writing sent home may be in the language of the family, so that the dynamic between the home and the school has an even stronger association. For example, upon sending home information Sunshine State Academy usually transfer items in English, Spanish and Russian because the school has parents who either speak one language or another; therefore, Sunshine invites all families to participate and be involved in the life of their child so the home language is used to improve communication patterns.


Volunteer hours allow parents to come to school and actually get involved hands-on. This form of bond allows for the parents to see firsthand what, how and where their children are learning within the classroom. Parents who volunteer have a better assessment of the school culture and their children are more prone to participate in the daily activities because they see that their parents care and want to be part of their learning. In Sunshine State Academy parents come in for birthdays, for show and tell exercises and sometimes just to assist. Teachers are always welcoming and suggest for parents to come because they understand that having parents on board will ensure student success within their classroom.


Parent workshops will also improve communications between preschool and families. Workshops allow for parents to meet each other, discuss prevalent issues and actually get questions answered that may help them better educate their young. Monthly workshops are held in Sunshine State Academy and it makes families feel as if they are being listened to and assisted, allowing them to be guided on how to better improve their skills to ensure success for their children.


Overall communication is a golden key to any situation. When families feel like they are being heard and teachers have a positive outlet to guide parents, a formation of positive outcomes occur that will at the end result benefit the most important part of the equation-the child!

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