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Professional Development Links and Classes/Teacher and Administrative Resource

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Online Courses:




The following website has all of the Department of Children and Families mandated courses, such as Rules and Regulations, Child Abuse, and Health and Safety.




The following website hosted by Texas A&M holds many online trainings that will help teacher with common questions as how to feed young children and what immunizations they must have prior to enrolling into a preschool program.




The following website hosts Care Courses that will help teachers of early childcare settings receive their National Credentials. Courses range from health and sanitation to age-appropriate practices for young children.




The following website is called National Food Service Institute and hosts course that help caregivers with the nutritional guidelines for young children. Classes discuss what food young children should and should not eat and the nutritional contents and their importance to the development in children.


Community Courses




The departments of Children and Families host many courses which are instructor-led and are held in various universities in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The instructor-led courses must be registered online and are introduced on a monthly basis.


2. Childcare Licensing of Broward


The licensing agency of Broward County host a myriad of courses that teachers and administrators receive on a monthly basis. Classes discuss all the up-and coming changes in the early education field, especially new rules and ordinances that affect the early education industry. For ore information call: 954-357-4800


3. Jose Maria Vargas University


The following university hosts many different sessions need for teachers either to maintain the 40 credit hours needed to teach in a preschool or update the mandatory 10-inservie point annually. Classes range from health and nutrition, to age-appropriate guidelines, to the importance of play. Classes are held in English and Spanish, making it convenient for those students who art bilingual. For more information, please call 1-866-650-JMVU.



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