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5 Indoor Activities for Rainy Days with Your Baby

By October 22, 2018No Comments

Your baby can have all the time in the world to collect memories with you and your family no matter what the season of the year it is. Doing indoor activities is not just a way for you and your baby to spend time while it’s raining. Playing with them is an important time to develop their brain, learning skills, building emotions and character at the same time.

You and your baby can create meaningful time together through certain indoor activities. Besides from having fun, this is also a time where you can teach your baby some of the basics to learn with his/her age. As the baby grows old, the way their brain develops will have a factor from the things they do at home. This can also mean that what you let them have and play gives a role in their life in the future. So, starting even at a young age makes it more beautiful and meaningful for them.

Visiting an aquarium can be one of the things you can do on rainy days to release your stress or just simply spend time with your baby. But because it’s a rainy season and you don’t feel like going out, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and have fun at home. Nonetheless, if you still prefer to go out with your baby, you can always do that.

Here are some of the indoor activities that are a creative yet artistic way you can have with your baby to make them busy on rainy days.


  • Take a photo shoot with your baby at home.


When everything seems not right and the weather is not cooperating, taking a photo with your baby inside your beautiful home can mean more than anything else in the world. You can spend a lot of time to dress your baby with different clothes you like him/her to wear or even you can do it on yourself too. We understand that there are times when you are not able to dress well due to preparing things for your babies. But this time, you can have all the time in the world to do so.

Infused your photo shoot with decorative things around your home to make a wonderful view even if you are inside the house. You can also have some music you like and what you prefer to add emotions to the situation. Make this time a memorable one for your baby.  

  1. Storytelling

We can all agree that babies up to preschool love listening to different stories from their friends and families. It is natural for people to tell stories of various kinds whatever season it might be. But for babies and children alike, storytelling can mean the whole world to them. Storytelling with your babies is a fun way to teach them with an early skill in literacy as well as language, words, and sounds. Doing storytelling can be done not just in the rainy season but every day to help their cognitive function develops over time.

The value of reading stories with your baby not only teaches them but stimulates their imagination. This is also a great time for you to spend a lot of time with your baby especially when you are busy working. Read the stories out loud and slowly for the baby to have a more grasp of what you are telling. There are many books you can read to your baby but make sure that what you will choose can get their attention.

  1. Watch movies with your baby

It is also important for babies to see new things and learn new ways not only from what you teach them but what you let them see. There are certain movies you and your baby can watch while rain is pouring. There are various cartoon movies or nursery themed movies that not only provide fun and excitement but lessons to take away after watching. In this way, your baby will have a grasp of the how to enjoy things from simply watching them.

Parents should also be aware that not all television shows or movies can have a bad impact on their babies. There are considerable shows that can also be a good example of learning and mental development of a baby. Of course, when your baby and your other children try to watch movies on the television, your supervision is greatly important.

  1. Draw and paint with your baby

Release your creativity together with your baby at a rainy season. Babies love to play with colors and paints at the same time. It is also important for babies to explore their imagination through the arts. Don’t let them have toys every time they cry or if you need to leave them for a while. But have them something they can learn and master at the same time. It can be a little hard for you to teach or let your baby draw and paint but you can let his/her hand use while painting.

Every time you let this activity happen even though it’s difficult and tiring sometimes, your baby will get the hang of drawing and painting. They will also have an easy way to start writing in the future.

  1. Create a zoo inside your home

This is a fun way for every parent to introduce animals to their babies not just in a rainy season but all throughout the year. You can have a petting zoo inside your home using different stuff animals and more around your home. Gather every material you can use in building a zoo and find a designated place inside your house where you can let those stuff animals stay even for a long period of time. You will likely need some other materials but you can use recyclable materials. In this activity, your baby will have a better recognition of what kinds of animals we have on the planet.

I think many parents will agree that they want the best childhood possible for their babies. To support parents who want the best for their children, Sunshine State Academy developed activities that are appropriate for the toddlers and children and hands-on promoting language acquisition and the best way to develop the youngest learners. To make this more meaningful for your babies, spending time with them at every season of their lives and enrolling them to one of the best preschools in Broward County can greatly impact on their personalities in the long run.

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