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5 Games You Can Play At Home To Help Your Toddler Excel in The Classroom

By October 22, 2018No Comments

Games are not just an activity for every child to have fun and enjoy but also a way for them to enhance skills and have creative minds in molding their character. Best preschools in Broward County can help toddlers develop their skills and talents through games and other activities. Sunshine State Academy also helps toddlers discover their interests in life and excel inside the classroom, teachers and parents have to pay attention to every game they chose to play or have. These kinds of games can also be a way for parents to spend more time with their children and be able to find out the things they might like in the future.

Parents can also expose their preschool toddlers to certain games they can play at home to have a wide spectrum of experiences that can activate their talents and be able to be competitive inside the classroom.

This guide is for every parent to help their toddlers to excel in the classroom through the games they can play at home.

  1.    Collage games with recyclable materials

Parents can simply provide several items that can be rearranged all over again. You can let your toddler select photos that they like to collage like animals, shapes, or even your family photos. You should prepare them and organize them on a placemat or plastic tray to produce objects, patterns, and designs. And since the materials are recyclable, you can take a photo to remember each of your toddlers’ creations. There are also a bunch of ideas to add to your photo collage game like a wooden stick, buttons from your sewing boxes, water-based paints, fabrics, colored materials, and many more.

Having this kind of collage game with your toddler creates a fun and memorable experience for them. This is also a way for every parent to review certain concepts that their toddler is showing and will likely have a great impact while they are inside the classroom.

When your preschool child has the opportunity to come up with their own ideas in mind, you will likely just have to monitor them and let it progress as they go on. With this kind of opportunity allowed, toddlers will have a great learning experience that will also initiate the creativity they have and soon be able to apply inside the classroom.

  1.    The game of shapes with home items

This is the game of shapes with home items to help your toddler’s mastery in shapes. Every parent should take some time to teach their children some of the basic things they need to learn not just inside the classroom but more importantly while they are inside your home.

Every child will enjoy this kind of game while learning the things around your home. You can point certain furniture at home or try to let them seek certain shapes they can recognize. There are also a variety of home items you can use to create a more meaningful game experience for your toddler. There are disposable cups and paper plates you can cut-off to make circles, triangles, and more for them to recognize. You can add a twist in this game by letting them hunt the shapes that you created through the use of items in your home. In this way, not only you let them memorize the shapes but teaching valuable items inside your home.

This is a game where a toddler can have an advantage in school while learning not only the shapes but the importance of your home items to their daily lives.

  1.     Water play at home

You can never find a child who doesn’t love to play with water. The best preschools in Miami have a portion in their school where there are water tables that teachers are letting the children use for their drama play and water sensory exploration.

This water play can also be a fun activity even at home. Parents can use plastic tubs to let their toddlers enjoy water play. There are also materials you can let them have like plastic pitchers and plastic cups to let them fill with water. This sensory exploration game can engage and enhance the calm state of every preschool toddler. Every parent will be amazed by how their toddlers will be able to create stories from this game.

You can also incorporate other water play ideas to build a more meaningful playtime with your toddler. In this way, whenever their teacher inside the classroom let them have a water play, your toddler will have a great idea of how he/she will participate in the activity. This is a guaranteed game that will entertain your toddler even for the whole day.

  1.    Drama play

Every child loves a story especially when they are presented with certain actions that correspond to every situation. This activity is one of the frequent scenarios you will see in a preschool classroom. The teachers will mostly read a story from the book then act it while reading them. The same thing goes in the drama play; where someone can read stories or actually telling the story at the same time act them out. To let your toddler see how it does, you can tell them first let them know the story and teach them how to ac them and the play goes on. You can also create a drama play where you can use stuff toys, dolls and puppets or even use your family members to portray a role in the story.

There are also ways you can enhance the drama game you will like to have with your toddler through creative costumes you can use. There are stories that are easy to search for costumes but you can also do it on your own. Let your toddler have the best costume to play on and give him/her a longer role so that they can learn and enjoy even more.

  1.    Scavenger hunt game

Scavenger hunt game is a way for you and your toddler to engage with each other. This is also a good opportunity for your toddler to build a relationship with the people around him/her by cooperating with each other to complete the tasks on hand.

You can create a list of certain objects you would like for your toddlers to find and instructions to help them locate each of the items in the list. Look for other children that can play with you and your toddler. You can now then select them into groups for the hunting game. For instance, if you are having a themed hunt game like treasure hunt just make sure that all the things you will use and the location of it is safe for the children.

While there are a variety of ways you can do to help your toddler excel in the classroom as they enjoy the game at the same time. It is also important to know that toddlers have their own likes and dislikes. Parents should also be aware of this to know how you can prepare certain activities or games that will enable your children to release their capabilities. Sunshine State Academy which offers children a great way of learning through different activities that can ensure your child an enjoyment and learning at the same time, can be your best companion for your child’s development.

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