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Hollywood FL Multilingual Preschool & Elementary School Program Announced

By October 25, 2018No Comments

Hollywood, FL Preschool & Elementary School Sunshine State Academy announced the availability of its multilingual education program. The program is designed to provide children with the opportunity to learn a new language alongside other learning approaches in a safe and enriching environment. More information about Sunshine State Academy is available at

In a report presented at a U.S. House of Representatives briefing, linguistics researchers from Georgetown University and other American universities have highlighted the cognitive benefits of learning another language. The research indicates that bilingual or multilingual children have been shown to have better memory, problem-solving skills, creativity, and multitasking abilities.

The multi-language program at Sunshine State Academy is designed to teach a second language through activity-based learning, songs, word recognition, picture association, alongside other traditional and alternative learning methods. The program’s key focus is to create a positive environment for creative language education and help learners get an early start towards learning, understanding, and appreciating other languages.

Sunshine State Academy’s Pre-K syllabus conforms to guidelines laid down by the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards under the Department of Education.

According to a spokesperson for the Hollywood, FL bilingual preschool, “Learning a new language is a journey that carries with it immense benefit to children, parents, and society. We are happy to announce our specially tailored language learning module that integrates seamlessly into a balanced preschool and school curriculum.

Sunshine State Academy offers preschool and elementary education at two locations in Hollywood, FL. The preschool is located on Plunkett Street and offers holistic standards-based education balanced with fun, interaction, discovery learning, and music for young toddlers and preschoolers aged one through five.

More information about the school and its programs is available over the phone at 954-736-9000 and at the URL above.

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