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Parent’s Survival Guide: How to do Lincoln Road with a Toddler

By October 25, 2018February 5th, 2019No Comments

Lincoln Road is where people of Miami come together to celebrate, dine, and shop. It is a world-famous mile-long pedestrian street filled with cafes, shops, restaurants, and a wide array of entertainment perfect for family gatherings, night-out with friends and colleagues. The place is designed by Architect Morris Lapidus which became an allurement for tourists, trendy locals, pampered pets, performing artists, and more. Lincoln Road is often compared to the famous Barcelona’s Las Ramblas because of its height of the tourist and lined with the most popular clothing stores like Nike, Forever 21, Gap, Zara, Athleta, Anthropologie, and many more.

But going to a place like this with a toddler can be challenging for parents. When talking about going to the mall with friends and a colleague is a lot easier to keep the moment and enjoy the scenery. Nonetheless, you can still have fun and make some precious moment with your toddler here at Lincoln Road. So, here’s a simple guide for parents planning to take a day trip with their toddler.

What to Prepare

Before you take-out the list of what to do in Lincoln Road, you might want to prepare everything your toddler needs while at the place.

Bring sanitary tools for your toddler. All parents would agree that toddlers love to pick every object they see around them. And objects can always find their way into a toddler’s hands like a ninja. Sanitary wipes can be a great help for you in guarding your toddler against any bacteria.

Pack extra pair of clothing for your toddler. If you think to go to a mall need no extra of anything, think again. Toddlers are too creative not to damage their pair of clothing. So, never forget to bring an extra outfit for your little travel buddy.

Bring her/his favorite toys to prevent tantrums from happening. Toddler’s mood and behavior change when they are exposed to places that they are not used to. Bringing the things they love can be a good help just in case the situation gets a little rough for you.

Grab an extra water bottle and milk for your toddler. Despite the many shops you can find while on a trip, the best thing you can do is to bring your own bottled water and milk for your toddler.

Bring extra changing pads for your toddler. Even though these things are a must-bring if going on a trip or traveling, it’s always good to be reminded at times like this.

Bring a stroller or carrier for your toddler. If your toddler happens to get tired of walking, you have a better chance of taking control of the situation.

What to Do at Lincoln Road

And because cars are not allowed inside the vicinity, your toddler will enjoy being able to walk around with freedom in Lincoln Road.

Books & Books

People can eat at a family-friendly place such as The Café at Books & Books, a well-known local café and bookstore with a great section for kids and they also serve an appealing kids menu. After having a great snack, you and your toddler can head back inside the bookstore to pick some good reads and enjoy spending time with your family.

Shake Shack

If you and your family love burger and fries, you can opt for Shake Shack. It is located at 1111 Lincoln Road on Lenox Avenue where you can be outside enjoying under their beautiful large umbrellas. Shake Shack has been catching the eye of customers because of their legendary customized mix-ins like chocolate truffle cookie, hot fudge or
caramel, and their crunchy bits of toffee and almonds.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

You can also find the Dylan’s Candy Bar where ice cream and bins of candy are the main attraction, especially for kids. Dylan’s Candy Bar is located at 801Lincoln Road. This place will surely be one of your favorites especially if you have a toddler and kids at home. Dylan” Candy Bar provides their customers with creative and imaginative
products that sure to awake the inner child in you.

Sushi Samba

If your toddler likes to eat fish, Sushi Samba is a great option. They offer a special Bento box that kids sure to love. More than this, they have a full children’s menu if you don’t prepare a Bento box.

SoundScape Park

SoundScape Park is one of the unique offerings of Lincoln Road, located at the New World Center. Every guest is invited to gather around on the lawn of Frank Gehry while concerts and movies are simultaneously happening inside the vicinity and being broadcast outside on a 7,000-square-foot projection wall. Parents, kids, and pets can enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting while watching the shows.

In addition to walking around and eating at different food stores around Lincoln Road with your toddler, you can also enjoy watching some of the festivities like live concerts, Zumba, free Yoga sessions, and more.

The promenade Lincoln Road also hosts a weekly institution where the Lincoln Road Farmer’s Market features multiple local sellers offering fresh produce like plants, flowers, and ready-to-eat products.

When all else fails, taking a detour is an easy escape but if chose to stay, take your toddler for a quick bite, bring his/her toys and see a movie at the end of Lincoln Road where Regal South Beach movie theater is waiting.

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