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Teach Kids Colors with Rainbow Slime

By October 26, 2018No Comments

There are a variety of ways we can consider in teaching kids the different colors we have. Some parents often come to the realization that their kids are unable to learn and identify colors properly even that they have impressive abilities and skills in many ways. But before you began worrying about how well your kids can learn about these colors, you can consider activities like doing a rainbow slime that might be a great help for your kids in learning.

Sunshine State Academy offers this kind of activities for every kid wherein they will be able to learn the basics like colors and shapes. Through these creative hands-on activities, your kids will not only learn but be able to experience a lot of things that will create a great bond to the people around them. The Sunshine World will be a great avenue for your kids to enjoy and get excited to learn at school.

An activity such as Rainbow Slime is appropriate for hands-on sensory learning through an
acquisition of different colors.

Rainbow Slime

Rainbow Slime is a pretty, vibrant thing and fun to play with especially for a preschooler. It simply gives them a joyful experience every time they play with these rainbow slimes. In this way, not only they can play with but learn more about colors. As soon as they start making rainbow slimes, the instructions given and applied in this activity will help enhance their development process.

Slime has been a popular sensory activity for kids nowadays. Would you agree? It has been a social media trend for quite a while now. People are also starting to make a business out of the slime. That is why even the best preschool in Miami is considering these kinds of activities help their students gain learning.

But if you are doing this activity at home, you may also want to consider some tips before doing slime for your kids just to make sure every material and ingredients you will use won’t cause any trouble.

Check your materials and the ingredients. This might add a little hassle but know that it is worth it for your kid’s safety. If you are not familiar with the ingredients you will use, you can either ask someone who knows it or makes a research before doing the procedure.

Avoid a material that seems to have toxic ingredients. You can either infused your own ingredients or carefully choose recipes with safe materials. There are ingredients like borax, dishwashing soap or detergent that contains chemicals not good for creating slime.

Inspect the labels of every ingredient you will use before using them. You can also teach your kids the same way before proceeding to activities that require certain ingredients or materials. Even if the ingredient looks safe, read the labels to make sure it will not cause trouble for your kids.

Just remember to put safety first for your kids. Even if the activity seems so simple, it always important to make an effort to put your kids in a safe situation to keep the fun lasts until the end of every activity.

So, here is a simple way on how to make rainbow slime for your kids.

For each color of Rainbow Slime you’ll need the following ingredients:
· 1 Cup of Clear Glue
· ½ Cup of Liquid Starch
· Food Colors (it is good to have as many colors as you can)
· A sprinkle of Glitter (if you prefer other material like confetti and more)
· Splash of Water


Mix the water together with the glue until completely combined. Add a few drops of food coloring and sprinkle the glitters until it mixed with the water and glue. You can put the starch into the bowl and start stirring them until the slime begins to form. You can do this with every color you choose from and then put each of them on a tray until you achieved different colors before mixing them all together. Now, you are ready to teach and play with your kids anytime you want with this rainbow slime.

If this activity made you teach your kids a better way of learning colors, then do it again to practice his/her mastery. Just like any best school in Miami, this kind of activity is just one way of providing your kids with a simple yet fun way of learning. You can also choose a preschool that will further help your kids nourish their skills and abilities like the Sunshine State Academy.

Why Choose Sunshine State Academy to Teach Your Kids?

Sunshine State Academy is a learning center that extends every learning opportunity to families with a great sense of sight and recognition to their children’s education. The educational approach of Sunshine State Academy is based on Jean Piaget’s philosophy that provides every child an educational technique that motivates learning at their own stride.

The Sunshine State Academy’s creative curriculum approach by Jean Piaget is unique in a way that children are encouraged and motivated to learn by exploring different topics that attract them. The learning environment they provide is designed to aid the child’s developmental culture and produce broad inspiring materials that express learning. Whether different activities such as word formation, music involvement, creative plays like drawing, painting, sculpting, modeling, and making drama plays using puppets, photography and more. All of these are
showcased inside the State Sunshine Academy.

Learn more about Sunshine State Academy and their wonderful programs that will surely build a great learning for your children. Visit their website at

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