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Addition and Subtraction Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Math games are an excellent practice for kids to get better not only in their mathematics class but also outside of a classroom. Kids should have a daily opportunity to new learning through addition and subtraction math games and activities that will further enhance their capability of solving problems. Addition and Subtraction are not only applicable inside of a classroom whenever kids are taking up their math subject. These opportunities are gained through daily experiences such as picking up groceries, folding their clothes, and other household chores.

Sunshine State Academy provides these kinds of activities that will surely enhance your kids’ mathematics skills. Doing fun math activities and games as young as they will make a great impact on how your children’s approaches to math problems that will later come to school. The Sunshine World offers imaginative and colorful math games for preschooler and kindergarten students to get comfortable in counting basic numbers while introducing them to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even data sorting concepts or geometry alike. In this way, children will be more engaged and challenged enough to be motivated to solve problems and keep them pushing forward.

There are countless numbers, riddles, and puzzles to be solved, a variety of shapes to be set, room to be measured, and many other math games that are sure to address both math enthusiast and wary math kids alike. You can let your kids spend as much time as you wanted at The Sunshine State Academy to build more opportunities of learning they’re Mathematics.

Here are some of the Addition and Subtraction Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten:

1. Subtraction with Bowling Game. Get your students to line up with this bowling game. Set up your 10 bowling pins or plastic cups along with other materials like balls to smack them down. Each student will have an opportunity to smack the pins or cups. Record each of their scores on a paper to represent the numbers to be subtracted. To practice their subtraction skill, let other kids watch and record the pins that are already down at the table.

2. Addition and Subtraction Game with Gummy Bears. Find and use sectioned plastic plates and gummy bears to practice kid’s addition and subtraction equations. You can write the number equations on the board or a piece of paper for kids to solve using the sectioned plastic plates with gummy bears. This is an ideal and fun way to practice solving problems. To make this game even more enjoyable for your preschooler, you can prepare simple tokens for those students who will have a quick answer to the following problems. Anyway, kids love to play with tokens afterward.

3. Addition and Subtraction Game with Wooden Blocks. Prepare as many as wooden blocks for this number recognition game. Your kids will have to identify how many blocks as quickly as possible to build a tower or building. You can manipulate the number of wooden blocks for your kids to pile or stack up. After they expertly stacked the wooden blocks, it’s your kid’s job to determine how many numbers of blocks are there or how many of them need to be removed. After all, your kids are eager builders! Aren’t they? Your kids will get plenty of opportunities to practice connecting numbers and eliminating them with this wooden blocks.

4. Treasure Box Subtraction Game. Prepare a box with a variety of toys and materials you chose to put inside the box. Be sure to be generous in putting materials to your box. Explain to your kids how many of the toys are inside the box and let them take a closer look at the following toys. Now you can let the kids pick up some treasured toys inside the box and count the remaining treasured toys are. If they successfully count the remaining treasured toys, let them keep a piece of toy for themselves. This is just one of the basic subtraction skills you can teach your preschooler.

5. Addition and Subtraction Game with a Deck of Cards. In this game of addition and subtraction with a deck of cards, you can let the kids find their partners. This is as simple as turning two cards, adds them up, and the kid with the biggest number will get the other card from his/her partner. Play this until one kid loses all of his/her cards. The last kid to have all the cards wins the game.

6. Addition and Subtraction Game with Baskets of Fruits. Prepare a basket with different kind of fruits. Demonstrate simple equations by using different fruits to add and subtract the following equation you chose to have them solve. You can also divide the kids into groups to play Baskets of Fruits. The group that has the best score after solving the equations you prepare wins the game.

7. Addition and Subtraction Game with Flash Cards. You can randomly prepare addition or subtraction cards to flash out in front of your students. Through flashing numbers, you are helping kids to enhance their visions on numbers and mental activity by solving the equations on the flashcards. Prepare the names of your students and record their scores. The student with the top score will have an award afterward.

Why Choose The Sunshine State Academy To Teach Your Kids?

There are countless useful Math games available to nourish preschooler’s addition and subtraction skills. The Sunshine State Academy can help you, and your kids get enough skills that will help build their problem-solving strategies into another level. The programs are designed to help every child to better in every aspect of life through the many activities crafted with fun and excitement. If you are looking for the best preschool in Miami, choose The Sunshine State Academy to teach your kids. You can visit their website at for more of the programs they are offering.

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