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Parent’s Survival Guide: How to do Aventura Mall with a Toddler

By November 27, 2018No Comments

Aventura Mall is considered the second largest luxury shopping mall in the United States. A lot of parents in South Florida know that Aventura Mall can be a place for kids to have fun and delightful experience because of its arts scenery inside the mall. Allowing your kids to escape from reality for a while to work out how they feel about life
and how they are going to deal with it is essential. But because the mall is too big for a toddler, there are times when it becomes a hassle to come to.

Nonetheless, you can still make it a wonderful day for your toddler inside the Aventura Mall because the facility is committed to improving every visitor’s experience by displaying various arts around the mall. Also, your kids will find so many things to do inside the mall with their indoor playground facility and different stores.

What to Do

Determine whether your toddler is ready to go to the mall. Taking your toddler to the mall for the first time can be a treat for him/her or the other way around. If your toddler can’t normally tolerate a long time walking or going on a store, you have to consider planning a list on where to go while inside the mall. In this way, you will be able to help your toddler enjoy the time you will be spending inside the mall.

Bring proper stuff for your toddler. If you prefer bringing knapsack it would be a little intimidating factor for you and your toddler. Most parents or even some would prefer a sling bag or infant carrier but if you bring a set of wheels it would make it easy for you to carry around your toddler’s necessities.

Bring people with you other than your toddler. Perhaps the most important than bringing the right stuff is the people to help you around while touring inside the mall. Your day at the Aventura Mall will be much happier if you have an extra hand to carry around your toddler. Whether it’s your husband, your wife, your other children, or even your nanny can be a great helping hand.

Involve Your Toddler to some of your personal activity while inside the mall. While you’re picking some clothes, checking out some pair of shoes, you can ask your toddler if what you’re picking will look good on you. We can all agree that kids love to help their parent at some point or another. They have the tendency to participate in almost all of your activity even while at home or inside a car. He/she will be able to feel that it’s your choice to bring them to the mall not because you just have to.

Where to Stay

The Rainbow Valley Playground

The Aventura Mall has an indoor play area called The Rainbow Valley Playground where kids can play around, jump over a rainbow, and crawl through tunnels and more. It is an artist-designed interactive playground located on the lower level of the Aventura Mall. The Rainbow Valley Playground is the South Florida’s first indoor children’s
playground designed by contemporary artists and created by Miami-based artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, who is known as Friends With You.

Rainbow Valley will enrich and inspire creative play in your kids in an interactive platform that is influenced by a story of the artist’s creation. The playground will guide kids through Peeko, the baby mountain, and his adventure with a newfound buddy, Cloudy, to the magical Rainbow Valley.

Where to Shop

Action Kids

You can shop the latest footwear for your Kids from their favorite brands like Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Stride Rite with a variety of sizes from infant to young athletes. Action Kids is located adjacent to Macy’s on the lower level of the mall.

Disney Store

Here you will find every Disney favorites your toddler love about. From Disney toys, electronics, kids and adult apparel, home and collectibles, seasonal products, to Disney’s favorite movies and more. Surely you and your toddler will enjoy roaming around the Disney store.

Gap Kids & Baby Gap

Here is a division of Gap that offers babies and kids the same kind of casual and comfortable clothing as given in women’s and men’s wear.


Kidz provides a selection of clothes and accessories for kids reflecting the latest styles and trends around the globe.

The Lego Store

You can inspire and develop your toddler’s building skills through Lego collectibles and build a better future.

Where to Eat

The Aventura Mall has a lot of food stores and restaurants you can choose from. There is everything for your family, from fast-food burgers and fries to genuine pizza to your next level sushi dishes to flavorful authentic Italian food and more. Surely, you will enjoy your time together with lots of food choices around. Take a look at some of the fine dining and food stores they have at the Aventura Mall.

International Smoke

International Smoke is the wildly popular collaboration between Chef Michael Mina and the lifestyle expert and bestselling cookbook author Ayesha Curry. The International Smoke restaurant featured a light, flavorful grilled and smoked foods that are perfect to share with family and friends.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is known around the world for its extensive and creative menu, generous portions, distinctive décor, and legendary desserts. With more than 250 menu selections – all handmade, in-house with fresh ingredients- more than 50 signature cheesecake and dessert, there is truly something for your toddler to love about here at The Cheesecake Factory.


IT’SUGAR is a place that takes candy and turns it into an experience that will surely make your toddler enjoy not only the sweets but the ambiance around the store. From a variety of flavors – sweet and sour, rich and creamy, this is how life should be at IT’SUGAR.

Tutti Frutti

Enjoy a healthy frozen yogurt with your toddler here at Tutti Frutti. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt has developed over a 100 flavors and recipes for both naturally tart and traditional creamy flavors. With different types of flavors and fresh toppings, the Tutti Frutti experience will definitely take your kids to endless happiness.

We hope that you will enjoy your Aventura mall experience with your toddler.

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