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Arts and Crafts Activities

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The Sunshine State Academy believes that, from the moment a child is conceived inside a mother’s womb, they are constantly developing and growing. But the growth of one’s child doesn’t stop after giving birth. Every child continues to grow all the way until maturity to adulthood. During this time that they are developing, everything that parents and their teachers impart into their lives is as important as who they will become in the future. Their brains are beginning to emerge as their abilities and skills on certain things like mathematics, language,
creativity in arts, their personality and even what they like or dislike contributes to their development.

Arts and crafts activities are a great way for every child to learn. From preschool paper plate masks to fifth-grade homemade rainbow slime, The Sunshine State Academy arts and crafts activities will keep your child’s learning fun and engaging. With a variety of DIY, creative, decorative, and scientific arts and crafts activities, your ideas for classroom activities will never run out.

If you are looking for creative ways to keep your children busy, these Arts and Crafts Activities from The Sunshine State Academy will surely stick them around. You will find here painting techniques, drawing ideas, photo collage activities, and many more. You can also go beyond doodling with pens or markers and crayons or paints with these activities that will surely uplift your children’s enjoyment of going to school even more.

Before you start doing these 10 Arts and Crafts Activities that we prepared, start presenting your child with natural materials and objects around you and explain briefly how to use each of them.

Crafted Cards for Family and Friends

● Prepare construction papers, fold it in half and start decorating them.
● Teach your child to write a message using a pencil or pen and have him/her trace if can’t write on their own.
● Attach a set of a picture into the card and let your child decorate them.
● You can do this whatever season of the year it is. You can use holiday inspired materials to decorate the cards, just let your child pick what he/she thinks would best fit the card.
● Use a variety of ways to make your cards beautiful and meaningful.
● You can use materials like colored pens, markers, glitters, paint, beads, magazines, scrap papers, buttons, stickers and many more.
● In this way, you are also teaching your child to be thoughtful to family and friends even in a simple way.

Fine Motor Art Activity

● In this activity, you will need a marker, paper, shoelace, scissors, 8 small blocks, beads, puncher, cardboard, crayons or any colored pens, small cups and rice.
● This is a fun activity, so you will likely want to invite your child’s friend to do this. You can now start setting up 8 stations around your house or at the backyard or even inside a room.
● Your station 1 will be the cutting section. Help your child to draw thick lines to one end of the paper to the other. Have your child use scissors if they can, to cut the lines. But if your child is used to cutting lines, you can also draw different shapes for them to cut out.
● Your station 2 will be for stringing beads. Help your child to place a shoelace and beads at the station and have them string the beads. You can also find some materials with a hole in it to add to the strings.
● Your station 3 will be for building the tower. Place the 8 small blocks at the station and have your child and their friends build the tower. You can also let them know that tower is not the only thing they can build but house or bridges also. If you notice that they can’t start well, you can help them build the foundation of the tower to start on.
● Your station 4 will be for the lace. Take a piece of the cardboard you have and punch a hole in and around it. Let your child and his/her friends use a yarn or lace the cardboard until it reaches every hole in it.
● Your station 5 will be for puzzles. Create puzzles for your child and his/her friends to solve.
● Your station 6 will be for copying. Create shapes or draw things that your child and his/her friends can copy using crayons, colored pens or markers.
● Your station 7 will be for tracing. You can draw several figures or shapes using colored markers and have them trace it.
● Your station will be for pinching. Ready the station with rice and small cups. Have your child use his/her fingers to place a piece of rice to the small cup. These stations can randomly follow to let your child practice his/her creativity in arts but also for his/her fine motor skills.

Nurturing a child’s creativity through arts and crafts won’t just increase their chances of becoming the next famous artist like Picasso. But then you are helping your child develop emotionally, socially, and mentally. Arts and crafts activities may enhance children’s ability to analyze and solve problems in numerous ways. As children start to maneuver a paintbrush, their fine motor skills are beginning to improve. By counting simple pieces and colors, they are starting to learn the basics of Math. When children experiment with different materials surrounding them, they are being immersed in science. Probably the most important thing is when children feel good about what they while creating arts and crafts helps that stimulates their self-confidence. The Sunshine State Academy allows every child they are teaching to feel in experimenting and even make mistakes in fabricating new ways of thinking which extends beyond the crafts they can create.

For more of these arts and crafts activities, visit The Sunshine State Academy to teach your child to become the best version of themselves.

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