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Baby Milestone Chart: Tips from Sunshine State Academy in South Florida

By August 18, 2018September 19th, 2018No Comments

Part of joys of motherhood is to witness every one of the milestones of your baby. Each new milestone your baby develops seems surreal and exciting.  But wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where your baby’s at developmentally?  We’ve decide here at Sunshine State Academy preschool to create a way for you to chart your baby’s milestones and know just where their baby is at!


Between 6 to 9 months will be amazing for you see new levels in different areas of development. Also, this period serves as the second part of your child’s first year. You may see lots of physical and developmental changes rapidly and it’s so much fun to witness it.


By the first six months, the baby learns to control his body so as to rolling over. For the next six months, he must spend it in perfecting his acquired skills and learning to gain his balance.


However, many parents worry if their baby isn’t walking by their first  year. In fact, many babies don’t walk until their first birthday. Also, bear in mind that it is normal and babies have its own pace of acquiring development on their own.


So we’ve developed a Baby Milestone Chart for parents to refer to and ensure that their child is developing at an appropriate pace and use it as an infant checklist of sorts!  Here are some of the tips that can help you monitor your baby’s milestones from months 6-9:


  • 6 Month Milestone 


Let’s begin to take a look at the baby milestone chart starting from this month, where they should be able to sit up with your support. He can now transfer objects from one hand to another. Also, his language skills may now start from babbles that sounds like real words such as “dada”, “baba”, or “mama”. He can also look or smile towards you as a sign of response for hearing his name. A sense of familiarity to known faces are starting to develop so as bringing things to his mouth letting you be more vigilant to his every action.


  • 7 Month Milestone 


By 7 months, your baby starts to develop his personality and likely to become independent by holding his own spoon on the milestone chart. The baby can now try to move by scooting or crawling that will encourage his mobility. Make sure that you are not leaving your baby unattended and put away things and toys with sharp pieces along his way. He already begins to scoop up small objects and rake grasp it. One more good news for you is that he can now imitate sounds he most likely hears from you such as babble talk and laughter. Also, he now enjoys eye-contact, talking and playing peek-a-boo with you.


  • 8 Month Milestone


Surprisingly, your baby is gaining a lot of strength now! He can now have enough strength to pull himself and stand with one or both arms support. He also starting to roam around using support from the furniture. Make sure that furniture is secure so as the electric cords are out of reach. Keep away small objects that they might put to their mouth and might choke it. Your baby can now have signs of separation anxiety to the objects he gets used to, but baby can easily grow out of this period. Also, he can now start to babble “mama” and “dada” to refer to people.


  • 9 Month Milestone 


Congratulations, your baby is now on his third-quarter on your baby milestone chart! In this month, your baby is now built with agility and balance. You can expect that he is now an expert crawler and can stand with one arm support or entirely unsupported. He now tends to climb, crawl up and down the stairs. This period helps him to develop the muscles and tendons in his feet. His motor skills are now well-developed, just make sure that toys or objects around him aren’t choking hazard. He might now develop stranger anxiety, but this one will pass. Also, he uses lots of gestures such as shaking and nodding his head to respond with you.


Different babies have different ways of developmental phase experience. There might be babies who experienced a little progress on their milestones, Sunshine State Academy suggest to wait and give your best in teaching them to achieve it. However, if your baby still not into the crawling stage nor any development to his hearing and eyesight on his 6 to 9 months, you may now talk to your child’s pediatrician to accommodate your concerns.  


All in all, we truly hope you’ve found this helpful as a way to recognize and chart the milestones for your baby and we hope to see you around Sunshine State Academy Preschool soon!

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