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Is Preschool Worth It?” What Parents Are Asking in South Florida

By August 15, 2018September 19th, 2018No Comments

We often get asked the question here in South Florida: Is Preschool Worth it?

How early do parents start investing in their child’s education in order for him or her to excel in Kindergarten and beyond.  Many people recognize Kindergarten as the official start of a child’s formal education. However, the preceding years are actually the most important time for children to acquire lifelong skills and knowledge at an early age.

The first five years in a child’s life is the critical period wherein they love to ask questions and explore which sets the foundations of learning. Therefore it is helpful for parents to understand exactly why preschool is worth it, how preschool fosters life long learners and of course how to choose the best preschool in South Florida.  Knowing all of this information will be a great assistance to you in your child’s preparatory stage for formal education.

A preschool education is a good beginning of a child’s challenging and exciting journey. This can ultimately lead to your child to gaining scholastic success. The preschool years is where your children start to be exposed to shapes, color, numbers, and letters which fosters proper childhood development. It is also a perfect time for them to step out of their comfort zones and learn how to socialize with the others which that alone is a skill that makes preschool worth the investment. However, for some parents, preschool expenses seem too expensive. But, can preschool be considered a worthy financial cause if it yields the ability to provide the skills for more advanced learning in the future?

Preschool provides an opportunity to grow

Almost every expert will tell you that preschool is worth it.  Is preschool worth the sacrifice and time to give your child an edge in life?  We would definitely say yes! Just like every other child, preschool is their first classroom-based setting with teacher and a circle of children present. It will be their opportunity to enhance their social skills through interactions with the other children.  Also, learning how to share, follow instructions, and talk with others will start their learning foundation.

Preschool helps children to find their interest

Children who are too shy will be encouraged to find their own interests. It can be said that the Preschool Teachers who  inspire their students to play and give them activities that they can build on are what makes preschool worth it to the child and family. Also, the best preschool in South Florida will not pressure your child, rather, they will offer suggestions and ways on how your child join other groups and do their activity.

Preschool teaches children to take care of themselves and others

This time set the stage for children to acquire a sense of self-worth and it can promote them to be more compassionate to others.  A preschool teacher engages students to help one another and teaches children how to co- exist and get along with others. Simple tasks such as setting up the table during snack time, washing their hands before they eat, and keeping their belongings organized are being taught.  This is one of the key factors that makes preschool worth it for the youngsters and their parents.  Also, having parents understand this and practice at home can foster an even greater sense of value for preschool years.  A sense of good behavior and character will be introduced. These includes waiting for their turn, listening while others are speaking, and focus the attention on the teacher are some of the good things preschoolers may acquire.

Prepares children for Kindergarten

As children go to a more academic approach, preschool is worth it for their preparatory stage in Kindergarten alone. It is a chance to experience a structured and nurturing environment that allows them to discover more new things. In preschool, the teacher let the students acquire basic learning such as letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. From this, your child can acquire pre-math and literacy skills from simple counting games and storytelling time, giving them an advantage over others. Also, preschool develops their motor skills by allowing the child to explore the environment by having an active playtime that will improve their hand-eye coordination and balance. Through these, you can assure that wide variety of games and activities are offered to prepare preschoolers for the academic demands of kindergarten.

Preschool teachers foster the child’s curiosity

Aside from teaching, teachers observe, ask questions and entertain children’s ideas during the activity. Children from this age have so many questions about their surroundings. They also have wider imaginations and are curious about the happenings around them. Through this, qualified preschool teachers can bridge the children’s curiosity, foster the motivation to learn and open up new topics to broaden their horizons. Also, it will serve as the way of the teacher to use children’s interests and ideas to come up with fun and exciting activities for them. From this, their gained experiences would have positive and profound effects for their future.

So all in all, is preschool worth it for you and your child? Looking to learn more?

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