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How Do Certified Teachers with Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degrees Benefit Your Child’s Future?

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It is a known fact that education is the life-line of any child and the foundation of their future success. With the proper educational procedures, a child can reach their full potential and attain their dreams. However, to provide such high standards, proper mentors and educators are needed. The process on which your child’s educational growth solely depends on are two things; one is the capacity of the child to learn, and second is the capacity of the educator to administer knowledge.

Furthermore, early childhood is an age of critical importance when it comes to growth and development. A child’s brain develops faster in this stage, making them receive knowledge, facts, and information at a higher speed and depth. Also, the quality of their upbringing relies on the developmental factors of social skills, self-esteem, and other cognitive skills, such as moral values and their insight and understanding of the world.

Early development of these critical skills can encourage your young ones to have a more in-depth experience of the world. At Sunshine State Academy, it is our mission to provide an excellent education for your children. Sunshine State Academy teachers are renowned educators with educational certifications, achievements, and degrees at the highest levels. With us, your child’s development is assured at Sunshine State Academy.

Degree-Holding Educators: Why it is a Necessity

Every parent knows that the right teachers make a positive difference in the lives of each student. The impact of educators plays an essential role in your child’s development, especially at the early stages. A good teacher provides your child with constant attention and a new climate of learning, professional development of educational structure and planning, and a friendly disposition.

A high-quality education is not a luxury; rather, it’s a necessity for your child to have the best chance of success. A designated educational provider can create a new sense of educational achievement by being developing a professional teacher and child kinship. The well-prepared teachers and educators of Sunshine State Academy bring about high-quality learning within the classroom setting that is friendly, fun, and a welcoming environment for learning and exploration.

The teachers of Sunshine State Academy are well-versed educators that have attained either Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, which ensures top-grade education and teaching for your child in an engaging and well-prepared classroom setting.

What should you expect at Sunshine State Academy?

If you are looking for a preschool or elementary school that has the mission to educate each child to his or her potential, then look no further – Sunshine State Academy is the educational institution for your family. Located in Hollywood Florida, Sunshine State Academy offers a variety of programs for your child. In terms of academics, the certified teachers of Sunshine State Academy educate via a creative curriculum for pre-school and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt based on the National Standards.

The learning environment for students at Sunshine State Academy immerses the students in key curricular areas such as mathematics, reading and writing, visual arts, science, and cognitive skills. The lessons open new possibilities and opportunities for your child’s brain to receive and construct their individual perception of learning. Through an active and dynamic learning environment proposed by Sunshine State Academy, the students experience small group and individual activities that encourage further learning and more profound understanding.

Sunshine State Academy offers an excellent place for your child’s development while you are at work. The secure facilities at Sunshine State Academy provide parents with the peace of mind that your child is learning in a safe educational environment.

Immersive Program Provided by Certified Teachers of Sunshine State Academy

It is widely known that quality education leads to success. The students of Sunshine State Academy are provided with thorough educative methods that supply knowledge and understanding of the world. Our certified teachers promote unique methodology and training according to your child’s age. This serves as a more targeted and extensive approach in education through the creative curriculum in Sunshine State Academy.

  • Young toddlers, ages 1-2 years old, in Sunshine State Academy are taught with a hands-on methodology. This helps in acquiring the acquisition of language and other cognitive skills.
  • Preschoolers, ages 2-4 years old, in Sunshine State Academy, receive teaching through play. This allows your child to interact with fellow students and develop their social skills while practicing language acquisition.
  • Pre-Kindergarten, ages 4-5 years old, the methodology focuses on phonics, logical-mathematics, writing, and reading development. These classes focus on learning through arts and STEM learning, thus making the curriculum at Sunshine State Academy viable as a cornerstone for your child before stepping into kindergarten.
  • Elementary school is well-prepared with developed lesson plans along with a Gifted-Advanced mathematics and language arts program. Students have a multi-curricular approach with classes in science, mathematics, reading, writing, Spanish, music, theater, sports, Mandarin-Chinese, and social-studies.

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