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Why Is a Preschool Education Important and How Can It Improve Reading Scores?

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In any part of the world, numerous studies have shown that having a preschool education is vital for a child’s development. Known as the formative years in a student’s life, this period is critical due to an increase in brain activity. From the usual imperative lessons in class to critical thinking and down to learning different social cues, students and parents often find the nature of this learning critical and challenging. Fortunately, there are preschools like the Sunshine State Academy that understand how important it is to provide the necessary knowledge for students at a young age. Ultimately, high-quality preschool education will lead students to receive high reading scores, which will be extremely valuable to them in the future. So, come schedule a private tour and check out how Sunshine State Academy can make all the difference in your child’s life!

Understanding Your Child’s Reading Scores

Often, when students come home with their report cards, some parents struggle to know what they are looking at. Most of the time, they do not know how to interpret the leveling systems as well as the reading scores. Sunshine State Academy aims to help these parents understand the real meaning behind the given scores.

To determine a child’s reading score, Sunshine State Academy relies on the following leveling systems, guided reading levels, reading recovery, and developmental reading assessments. The preschool educators carefully assess the students one by one to be able to define the most appropriate approach in teaching.

What are the top reasons why you should enroll your child at Sunshine State Academy?

  1. Sunshine State Academy offers children fun opportunities to grow. 

Inside a friendly and well-nurtured environment, Sunshine State Academy encourages children to discover the challenge of following instructions and the joy in learning how to share. Most often than not, going to preschool serves as their first-ever experience away from home, so we ensure that our structured setting will provide children with a secure space where they can begin to establish themselves.

  1. Sunshine State Academy prepares children for kindergarten.

Some parents think that enrolling their children in a preschool would force them to grow up too fast. They are caught up with the idea that the most appropriate time for their kids to leave home is when they enroll in kindergarten. However, Sunshine State Academy believes otherwise. Multiple studies have shown that a child who attended preschool finds it more comfortable to show their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities that those students who did not. Moreover, children with a preschool education often get higher reading scores during assessments compared to those who first entered school as a kindergarten.

  1. Sunshine State Academy helps children develop their social and emotional abilities. 

Preschool students often range from 1 to 5 years old. Since they are typically vulnerable and dependent on their parents, Sunshine State Academy never stops in creating a learning environment wherein the young students will feel safe and secure. Before going to the academics, the teachers strive to develop a personal connection to each student, which will ultimately win over their trust. By promoting a sense of sharing and cooperation through child-friendly activities, Sunshine State Academy plays an essential role in shaping a child’s behavior.

  1. Sunshine State Academy prepares children for serious learning without removing playtime. 

Learning through play is the motto at Sunshine State Academy. Children have a myriad of learning centers where they can explore art, science, reading, blocks, and puzzles. Children are educated to share while learning that communication is a social norm for friendship and socialization. Learning is done through role-playing and language activities as well as a focus on music and song. Allowing children to be creative is important in tuning learning as they play.

  1. Sunshine State Academy encourages children to nurture their curiosity.

Young children have active and creative imaginations. Without knowledge about consequences, children are often taught with rote learning models. However, in Sunshine State Academy, this nature will be altered. Instead, children will be guided as they explore the wonders of their imagination and curiosity.

Choose Sunshine State Academy as Your Child’s First Learning Experience and visit us at

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